Brooks and Hess Lake Carp Derby/Roundup!

Free Registration - For questions call Kent Cole 616-560-8969
Newaygo MI
Carp Shoot


12:00 AM Sunday, May 22nd through 7:00 PM Sunday, June 12th
Counts will take place every day from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
For any other time call Kent Cole 616-560-8969


You can SHOOT them with a BOW... NET them... HOOK them... what ever it takes to GET them...

You must have a current fishing license and fish legally.

If an individual wins the a prize, they cannot qualify for other prize. An individual can only win on one lake and not both.

PLEASE use caution for your fellow hunter!


Most Fish Brooks Hess
First Place $150 $150
Second Place $100 $100
Third Place $50 $50


Come to the intersection of Hess Lake Drive and 100th Street. This will be east of the Wheeler Drain Bridge and watch for the "CARP SIGN". Then go south on 100th Street and follow the signs.